Desperate Times

Life has been hard recently.  My parents aren’t in the best of health and need some extra care.  My son is in his GCSE year and, although apparently normal, has become an angry young man.  Husband still absent most of the time.

I cant handle stress.  It’s part of the reason I am in debt.  I like to spend money.  I like to have things arrive at the door and feel joy when I get to open a parcel.  I feel terrible about my current situation, but I never feel guilty about spending.

I have never tried to borrow money from family or friends and certainly never from a money lender.  I was watching Emmerdale and saw the storyline with Daz borrowing £250 and having to pay back £2000.  I understand the desperation that would drive you to a money lender and I’m sure that when you are that desperate, even if you know the repayment amount, you will agree to anything.  I don’t understand how if you can’t find £250 you think you can pay back so much more over, what I would imagine to be, a short period of time.