Desperate Times

Life has been hard recently.  My parents aren’t in the best of health and need some extra care.  My son is in his GCSE year and, although apparently normal, has become an angry young man.  Husband still absent most of the time.

I cant handle stress.  It’s part of the reason I am in debt.  I like to spend money.  I like to have things arrive at the door and feel joy when I get to open a parcel.  I feel terrible about my current situation, but I never feel guilty about spending.

I have never tried to borrow money from family or friends and certainly never from a money lender.  I was watching Emmerdale and saw the storyline with Daz borrowing £250 and having to pay back £2000.  I understand the desperation that would drive you to a money lender and I’m sure that when you are that desperate, even if you know the repayment amount, you will agree to anything.  I don’t understand how if you can’t find £250 you think you can pay back so much more over, what I would imagine to be, a short period of time.

Always pay a little bit more!

A while ago, while looking for a 0% balance transfer, I came across a website that shows you exactly how to manage credit cards and what you are letting yourself in for if you only pay the minimum payment each month.  The site, showed me that had I paid even £20 more than minimum each month I wouldn’t be in the dire mess I am in now.  I find it shocking how much interest I pay each month and I really didn’t realise.  I will pay twice what I owe in interest on 2 of my cards and the same on the third.

My advice. If you can pay a little bit more each month.  In the long run it will make a big difference.

It’s so easy!

Hi.  I’m a middle aged woman who lives a perfectly normal, some might say boring, life.  I have never smoked and I can’t remember the last time I had a drink more exotic than a cup of tea!

I have only one secret. I have a huge debt, from credit cards, and having created this debt over a surprisingly short period of time and now I have to clear it.  If you are someone who hasn’t got any debts, who pays their credit card bill in full and has never fallen into the ‘ I will pay more next month trap’ you can’t understand how easy it is to get to the position where you have thousands to pay and no idea how to do that.

My Family and Others!

Hi. Welcome! I’m Lulu. I live in rural Wales with my husband, son and two male cats. I went to University in London and stayed there for 15 years, but the time came when I wanted to come back to Wales, to here, where I was born and brought up.

I brought with me a husband who had only ever lived in the city and took a long time to adjust to country life. Actually he’s never really liked it here so he spends most of his time in London and, in my opinion, sees coming here a punishment.

My son loves it here. He’s 15 and doing his O levels this coming academic year. Then, sadly, we will leave here so he can study A levels. He’s not overly concerned as long as we have high speed broadband, which we don’t have now, and a garden for the cats.

The cats are a joy. They like me. They like to spend time with me. I know one only does it out of ‘ cupboard love’ but they are my companions all day. Without them I would have no one to talk to. Absent husbands and truculent sons are not good company.  Hungry boy cats are a pleasure.

I have awesome parents. My son and I would not survive without them taking care of us when we run out of money or my husband does his latest soul destroying act. They encourage me weekly to divorce him.  Pretty cool for a couple who have been married almost 60 years and, mostly, don’t believe in divorce.  They are both in their mid eighties and not as mobile as they used to be, but they are just hilarious without trying.